Verizon DSL - High "Speed (down/up)" Low connection rate
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Hello -

I am doing this for myin-laws, who live in a semi-rural area.  They have Verizon DSL, and have been having very slow connection speeds for the past few months (they have the 1.5-3 Mbps, and are getting between 200-700 kpbs.  Sometimes, for a few seconds, it can get as high as 1.1 Mbps, but it never gets to 1.5.

I have tried lots of things.  We got a new modem, reset the D-Link router to factory settings, plugged the modem directly into the desktop, rebooted everything, then rebooted again, called Verizon and talked with their overseas people, who said they would have someone look at it.

Everything, no dice. So I'm not sure what to do. 

Here's one thing I noticed, however.  When I go into the Modem sign in screen, and look at it (It's the Red sign in, not the Blue, on a Westell 6000 DSL modem), they get a very high "Speed (down/up)" level.  Something like 1740 down, and 500-something up.

But the actual downloads are nothing like that.

Is that significant to anything? 

My other situation is that I am not at their computer now (I am back in the city).  When I left their place, I did not know about these boards, and I can't remember any of the other information that is from the modem sign-in.  That one piece, however, seemed strange to me (a high "Speed (down/up)" level, but slow reality.

As you think about it, could that lead to any clues or solutions I should look for the next time I go up there?

Thanks for reading this.

Re: Verizon DSL - High "Speed (down/up)" Low connection rate
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The closest proper sync rate that the modem would show for speed would be 1792/448Kbps, which would be the 1.5Mbps provisioning of the 1.5-3Mbps package. Verizon usually configures the speed lower if the line is not capable of holding a full 3Mbps or even an "optimized" flavor of it (which is ~2600kbps down, 640kbps up). Anyways, the next time you get the chance, I'm going to need the following information from their line:

1: What do their modem Transceiver Statistics look like? If running a Westell modem, visit , choose System Monitoring, Advanced Monitors and then click Transceiver Statistics. Post up what you see there. For ActionTec modems, check the Status pages of the ActionTec for DSL Stats. The address to ActionTecs are the same.

2: Find out if the slow speeds are taking place all the time, or only during the evening hours

3: Go to on their PC and choose the closest server to them. Let the Java applet load, and when it does it will show you a "Trace" box with your relative's IP address filled in. Press Trace and let it complete. When it completes, move the mouse over the second-last Circle (second from the right) and take down the name of it. If you see "ERX" in the name, please tell me.

If you are prompted for a Username/Password while doing Step 1, try the following: