Verizon Fios Complaint / Requesting an upgraded wireless router
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Good evening,

I called customer service about 6 times Monday night, requesting to get a new updated wireless router because my new laptop I purchased wasn't working on the current one. Knowing that my gear is outdated, I figured it wouldn't be a hassle because I've been a customer for 3 years. (I have the wireless b,g; all of my new neighbors have the wireless b,g,n)(I live on a military instillation where we are only offered fios as internet, so I can see the neighbors wireless signals and see that they are all b,g,n signals)

As soon as I asked if I could get a new router, Fios support instantly started explaining how its backwards compatible and it's not the routers problem after "looking" at my settings and other devices connected. Ok, I know that its backwards compatible, but I would still like to upgrade my equipment. . .technology is evolving and I do not feel like I should have to keep the original dinosaur that I was issued 3 years ago just because it still works.

After talking to me about the backwards compatibility and walking me through tech support on how to fix the connectivity problem, the Fios support tech explained that the new wireless routers are in high demand and that they are only given to new customers/preferred customers and in select areas? REALLY?

Questions for you:

What makes you a preferred customer? Is 3 years not enough?

Select areas???? I'm in DC! It's the nation’s capital.

New customers only? So are you really requesting I drop your service because my 3 years of loyalty is not good enough?

All I ask for is a little upgrade to keep up with the times/new devices. I do did not expect to get the answers I did, and feel as if Verizon does not care about its current customers, but feels the need to pull in as many new customers as they can, bind them in a contract, and completely fail at giving the loyal customers the treatment they should get for sticking with Verizon though all of the crap.

Thank you for taking the time to view my complaints, I would have called or filed a complaint through other means but I cannot navigate through the website to find an easy way to do that, and when I called to get the upgrade it was no help to me at all. So if any Verizon Tech Support have answers for me or can help me get an upgrade thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Loyal Verizon Customer

Re: Verizon Fios Complaint / Requesting an upgraded wireless router
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#1 If you don't have FIOS TV, get and use your own router.

I point to

#2 If you have FIOS TV, but not media share, I point you to

#3 If you have FIOS TV and you have and want media share to work, I point you to


This info is my two cents and I hope it helps.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Re: Verizon Fios Complaint / Requesting an upgraded wireless router