Verizon Media Manager
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HI there,

Getting to grips with the FIOS bundle that we had installed last week.

The Verizon Call Centre is useful and I like the way that it automatically brings up a web page to access my Contacts that I have stored... except that it brings up IE when I would like to use Firefox - which is my default!

That is not my main point, however..... The Call Centre sits in the task bar waiting to respond to a telephone call....

Media Manager is only used when playing music or showing pictures on the TV... how about enhancing its features to include access to the DVR? 

Media Manager could sit in the Task Bar - or even be part of the Call Centre feature, to allow the page for the DVR to be called up automatically when required without having to open the browser manually.

I do feel that there should be closer integration between the various features that Verizon has on offer.


Allan Thompson