Verizon Took Remote Dial-up Access From DSL Bundle

I have been a long time subscriber of Verizon's DSL "Dry Loop"

(DSL without landline phone) and am very happy with the performance of it.

Well except for any time I've had to struggle through two to three hours of kiddy-scripts

in the tier one department, to (Finally) talk to a fellow technician that is...

Long ago when I signed up, I was asked to chose a partner bundle from a list.

They had MSN, AOL, and Yahoo at the time I think (Houston, TX).

I chose Yahoo because of one perk,

free remote access dial-up when away from home.

I think it had something like a 20 hour limit, then a per hour charge above that.

But it was bundled as FREE!

I didn't use it to often, but I did use it.

In fact, during the six weeks it took to get DSL running again

after hurricane Ike I used it quite a bit for online banking and bill paying!

During X-Mas I tried to use it at a family members house and it didn't work.

I called in and they said I did not have dial-up added to my account.

I replied I didn't need it added, it was part of my original bundle's perks.

Here's the part that steams me.

They said their records did not go back that far

and couldn't see that to validate my claims.

They want me to now PAY,

for what I had for FREE.

Worse yet, I believe that during the Ike storm I went over

whatever the cap was and have the overage

(And ONLY the overage) on my bill for what I used

above the monthly allotted amount.

I realize that the initial people one has to endure

when calling in should be for the most part ignored,

but it was a supervisor that said their records don't go back that far.

It's friggin January one month later!

Am I the only one that had this service pulled without legal notice,

so they could play dumb and charge for it instead?

I tried to be polite,

but I'm **bleep**...

(I came back to edit my post, the word above IS NOT an expletive, it was{word filter avoidance})

I'll check back here once a week or so

for a couple months for helpful feedback.

We The People

Sun 01-17-10

Re: Verizon Stole Remote Dial-up Access From DSL Bundle, Lied About Doing It
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Hello We_the_People if you would be so kind as to please fill out this form so I can better assist you.

it allows us to access your account information, so we can look and see what package you were given and to also see that overage charge you referenced as an indicator that you had the plan. Thank you, I look forward to assisting you.

Re: Verizon Stole Remote Dial-up Access From DSL Bundle, Lied About Doing It


I have done as you have asked.

I am still looking for that bill.

I am reasonably sure I had an additional charge.

But until I find that bill in an old bills box,

I cannot tell you the amounts or dates.

I did none the less have dial-up

during hurricane Ike for sure.

And I had used it very occasionally before that also.

Thank you for any help you can provide.