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Verizon is playing with my speed
Enthusiast - Level 2

Hi.  I've been having problems with my speed lately.  I'm at the first DSL plan ".5 to 1 Mbps Download, 768 Kbps Upload".  But they put my speed at 864 Kb/s download and 160 Kb/s upload.  I thought that was slow and false advertisement.  So, it took over a week to get Verizon to up my speed.  A lot of hassle, though.  And a Verizon man called my house and told me that my speed is back to the original one I had.  And that would be 1184 Kbits/sec-down and 448 Kbits/sec-up.  Which is still slow but better.  Because Verizon claimed 768 kbps upload, I'm at 448.  They should put 768 or lesser on the ad page.  So I had my original speed for 3 days.  Now all of a sudden they put me down to 928 / 448 Kbps. What, I rather have 1184 kbits.  That's unfair.  Give then take.  And I'm getting the excuse the tower is not real close to your area.  Well it was at 1184 kbits for 3 years.  All of a sudden the tower moved further.  Verizon just wants everybody to switch to Fios.  Could you please get the speed control guys to put my speed back to 1184 and higher than 448 upload.  Thank you.  Smiley Happy

Re: Verizon is playing with my speed
Super User
Super User

Step one: Visit and post up the Traceroute the page shows, if you wish. Be aware that the final hop (bottom-most line of the trace)  might contain a hop with your IP address in it. Remove that line. What I'm looking for is a line that mentions "ERX" in it's name towards the end. If for some reason the trace does not complete (two lines full of Stars), keep the trace route intact.

Step two: Can you provide the Transceiver Statistics from your modem?

#3 If you don't know how to get that info:

a) What is the brand and model of your modem?

b) If you have a RJ-45 WAN port router connected to it: What is the brand and model of the RJ-45 WAN port router?

#4 If you have a RJ-45 WAN port router connected to the modem, even if you know how to get the Transceiver Statistics from the modem: What is the brand and model of the RJ-45 WAN port router?