Verizon sent new modem but no instructions
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My internet connection has slowed way down. Verizon CSR guessed it might be the modem.

They mailed me a new Westell 6100 to replace the old one. But no instructions.

I unplugged the old modem and plugged everything in to the new one.

Now -- no internet at all. The red light stays on, and no web pages can be loaded.

Since there are no instructions, I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

Re: Verizon sent new modem but no instructions
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First and easiest thing to try is to unplug and disconnect your old router/modem and leave it off overnight.  Plug the new router/modem in the following day and see what happens.  There are some things which need to timeout related to your old router before the new one can get online.

If that doesn't work or you can't wait that long, then you need to disconnect the old router/modem and then call Verizon and tell them you just received a replacement modem in the mail, but it won't come online.   They can clear the settings from their end so that the new modem should work.

Re: Verizon sent new modem but no instructions
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Same **bleep** here!  Had to wait until I could free up 2 hours time to have a Verizon rep from Asia help us set it up!!!  Who has 2 hours???????  Verizon thinks it's customers don't have a life!!!

Re: Verizon sent new modem but no instructions
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Did your old modem come with an installation CD from Verizon?  Do you still have it?  If so, crank it up.

If it's like mine, it will have an choice for "existing DSL customer, but new modem".  I forget the exact wording.  If you follow that path, the next question is whether it offers 6100 as one of the choices when it asks you what kind of modem you have.  If yes, completing the reinstallation dialog should enable internet access.

If not, you'll just have to get help from Verizon.