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Vizio IP TV + Westell 2200 + Apple Extreme Wireless = no streaming connection

I have a new Vizio internet ready TV. I have an existing Apple based wireless network (Airport Extreme 2nd generation) connected to Verizon DSL via Westell 2200. I can connect to the network and get 5 bars with the TV. I can pull up Yahoo newsfeed (which contains no video streaming) successfully. When I try to access any video streaming services I get a message stating I am not connected to internet yet I think I am due to the Yahoo service and the Vizio set telling me I am connected. I have contacvted Vizio who knows nothing. I have explored this with Apple support community who tells me it is my Westell modem acting as a router. The Airport Extreme only works in bridge mode which surprises me since I assumed it was acting as my router. I've been told I need to change settings on my Westell 2200 so router function is disabled and to allow the Airport to serve as my router... What does Verizon think of this idea? Is this possible? Thanks.

Re: Vizio IP TV + Westell 2200 + Apple Extreme Wireless = no streaming connection
Super User
Super User

A Double NAT situation shouldn't cause issues with streaming, considering how common a Double NAT setup tends to be but it can and does happen. To see if the 2200 is even acting as a modem, check to see what kind of IP address the Apple AirPort is holding. If it's a 192.168.1.* address, it's using DHCP to the modem rather than DHCP or PPPoE to Verizon and your modem is most likely not bridged. If however, the AirPort is holding your Public IP address that is displayed at , your modem is bridged and the problem lays somewhere that isn't the modem.

Another way to check is to disconnect the AirPort temporarily from the modem and connect your PC directly to the modem. If your PC is able to connect right off the bat and obtains a 192.168.1.* address, the modem is not bridged and is in fact holding the connection.