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Westell 327W not streaming Netflix
Enthusiast - Level 2

My mom and step-dad are using a Westell 6100 modem and it streams Netflix over their LG Bluray player just fine. But the 6100 stopped working and I replaced it with a 327W I had extra. Everything worked (internet on 2 computers) EXCEPT could not get Netflix on the LG player. Netflix reported no network connection. However if they tried to stream YouTube, it found the network and worked correctly.

Tried all the normal troubleshooting including double checking the cat5 cable is good, resetting the Netflix connection in the LG player, set up different DNS servers in the player, didn't help. Neither tech support with LG or Netflix could get it to work.

A replacement 6100 from Verizon arrived and that put everything right again including Netflix. This was a month ago. Yesterday morning the new 6100 stopped working (absolutely no lights, no nothing) so it was back to the 327W again. And still no ability to stream Netflix. Anyone have ideas why this modem won't let Netflix through to the bluray player or maybe a way to correct this?

Re: Westell 327W not streaming Netflix
Super User
Super User

The 6100 should have lasted a lot longer than that. Bummer it died an early death. Mine is 5 years old and still goes strong. Hope it had the correct power adapter with it as I've known sometimes that recycled modems tend to wind up with the incorrect adapters.

Make sure the Firewall on the 327w isn't enabled. If it is, disable it and see if Netflix will begin to stream. Does streaming work correctly when streaming from a PC by any chance through the 327w? You'll need Silverlight/Moonlight installed on a PC in question, but it should work.