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Re: What can we do to actually fix Verizon's Netflix throttling?
Enthusiast - Level 3
I don't understand the part about level 3 sending more traffic to Verizon than Verizon sends to them. Umm, isn't that the case for any streaming service? The user doesn't need to upload near the amount of data that they download.
I think if Verizon didn't **bleep** off every customer with abysmal customer service and nickel and dime tactics (see being able to watch shows off one dvr in the house to other STBs in the house at the rate of $20 per month. On top
of the cable box rental fee. They charge more than they would lose when looking at the cost of a standard box vs dvr) they may have more of the public on their side. Verizon is worse than congress, they just do everything they can to block anything they don't like, whether it's what their customers want/need or not.
Re: What can we do to actually fix Verizon's Netflix throttling?
Enthusiast - Level 2
I'm by no means an expert on this particular issue, but I can say this. Months ago I checked out Netflix's diagnostic video ("Example Short 23.976") which shows in real time your Bitrate, Resolution, and par , and it took less than a minute to reach 1920x1080. Now, the same test rarely gets beyond 720x480, why?
Re: What can we do to actually fix Verizon's Netflix throttling?
Master - Level 3

Yest it is the case for any content ISP (that they send more than they receive), but that imbalance should be accounted for in the peering agreement contact between them and the consumer ISP (like Verizon).  The contract allows certain transit levels to and from the parties.  Either party is obligated to only support the receipt of the level specified -- no more.  That's what we're seeing with the Netflix traffic coming to the Verizon consumer ISP network from NTT, L3, and Telia (to name three of which I am aware).

This problem is slowly going away.  Users at east coast locations have reported that Netflix traffic now comes directly from Netflix without going through a third-party like NTT, etc.  Dallas-Fort Worth uses this week reported the same direct routing.  This is a result of the announcement awhile back that Netflix was going to connect directly to the Verizon network rather than routing through third parties.  (For those who care this is not "Netflix Open Connect" but rather a direct Netflix connection.  There is a big difference between the two.)

Re: What can we do to actually fix Verizon's Netflix throttling?
sorry but you're just wrong. On FiOS I can't use netflix at all. On FiOS however, I am NOT paying by the Gigabyte. I am paying by the gb on my lte plan with Verizon and there I see no bandwidth throttling. Same device, same content, different result.