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What wires need to be upgraded in my apartment?

I need to find out how to upgrade the internal wires in my apartment complex so that my tenants' DSL connections can operate at advertised speeds.

I've tried calling Verizon, but I think they require that I be a customer, but since I'm calling for my tenants, I haven't been able to have the call center agents help me.

My tenants told me that when they had field tech support reps come by the building, they were told that their extremely slow internet speeds were because of old wiring in the building.  

But since I'm not a customer, I'm not sure I can have Verizon send a field support rep over.  Is there any way to find out what wiring needs to be fixed in my building?  Can Verizon help me with this, or do I need to do this on my own?

Re: What wires need to be upgraded in my apartment?
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Verizon charges pretty high rates for wiring. You are probably better off contacting a licensed electrician for a quote.

Re: What wires need to be upgraded in my apartment?
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Second the low voltage electrician advice. I'd hire your own contractor to make the connection from the Verizon NIDs for your tenants to the wall jacks in their units.

To make sure the slow DSL isn't due to the lines in the apartment, if you have access to the NIDs, have one of the tenants bring their modem down and connect the modem to the NID. If you can pull the modem Transceiver statistics (pretty much every modem but the D-Link from Verizon has a known way to pull this info), use these stats as a comparison for how much the connection has improved. A speed improvement may not be seen since Verizon (or an automated system of theirs known as ASSIA) may have capped off the speed for line stability.