Which Modem/Router comes free?
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Does anyone know - what is the free modem that comes with Internet-only plans on tis promotion - https://www.ncnetwork.net/Residential/HighSpeedInternet/Plans/Plans.htm ?

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Re: Which Modem/Router comes free?
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Since that would be Frontier, Verizon generally won't support this but I happen to know the answer 🙂 The Wireless modems Frontier will send out in the old Verizon areas will be Westell 7500 Modem/Router "Gateway" units. Otherwise, you might get something such as a Sagecom SE567 however those were given out in Frontier's legacy areas. Now, Frontier is making a transition to the Westell 7500 units. If you get the modem only, it will be a Westell 6100.

The thing you need to watch out for is Frontier's modem rental fees, which they may or may not tack on (they do in their legacy areas). They are those hefty $7 a month charges that they tack on for renting a DSL modem. Verizon doesn't follow that practice unless you subscribe to a modem insurance plan, in which case it is optional. With Frontier you can generally dispute the modem rental fee by returning their modem and buying your own, but there's no guarantees that it will be taken off of the bill. I'm both a Verizon and a Frontier customer, and have DSL with both of them. The Frontier line I have does not have a rental fee on it despite using Frontier's modems since at the time of me ordering service, they weren't mandatory.