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Why no FIOS?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I've been waiting several years for the FIOS server to come to my neighborhood in West Philadelphia. My coworker who lives about 5 blocks away from me has it. My father who lives about 9 blocks away from me has it. We're in the same neighborhood in West Philadelphia. I've seen many Verizon workers in the last couple years in my area claiming that FIOS will be here soon and faster forward to today and they computer / customer service reps keep saying "oh it's not available, no idea when it's coming." What do you guys know. I've been using your "highspeed internet" since the 90s. I've been waiting for seems like forever to get this service. I DON"T want to go with Comcast, who has a chokehold in Philadelphia since they have their headquarters and big, ugly building downtown. But I may have no choice. You have customers out here who want to upgrade their services but with all the annoying commercials on tv for a service we can't get, really **bleep** me off. And now, for some reason, my internet speed is half as fast. I'm seriously put off by Verizon at this moment!

Why was my speed reduced???
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Khoros Partner
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