Why won't my NAT say OPEN?

I have a moderate NAT problem that I can't seem to fix. I've been able to get it to open before, but cannot keep it that way,  I fiddled with modem settings to get it to open but I don't knowing exactly what I'm doing. I do know, however, that a main reason this happens is from UPnP not being enabled. That's where my modem is having problems. I enable it, but when viewing the device details it lists the device as not being UPnP enabled. So, its enabled, but not on the devices. If someone could please help and let me know what could be conflicting UPnP from actually being enabled I would greatly appreciate it and your time. Thanks

Modem Model: Westell A90-750015 07

Re: Why won't my NAT say OPEN?
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Community Leader

#1 Do you have at least two game consoles behind this router?

By Game console, a special type of computer that does not have a keyboard or mouse (and it/they are usually connected to a TV).

#2 If the router go to Advanced -> IP Address Distribution

#3 What is the DHCP Range of the router?

#4 What program (or programs) are you trying to forward for?