Wifi not working again and poor customer service


There is no good way to put it.

Their products seldom work and their customer service is by the worst for any company that I have ever dealt with.

They have to be embarrassed with their customer service, but clearly they are not since nothing changes.

My internet is out non-stop and every time that I call them it takes around 1 hour to get through. The last phone call that I made (last Monday June 22nd) took 1 hour and 15 minutes before I got through.

That is a disgrace and a complete slap in the face to your customers.

They never fix the issue. They just put a band aid on it.

They said they would send me out a new router that would arrive on Wednesday June 24th. Here I am one week later and we still don’t have a router. I told my wife this would happen. Verizon is so incompetent that it’s easy to predict their next mishap.

You would think they would offer to credit my account for the amount of days that I don’t have internet service but that would actually only happen with companies that care about their customers.

I know I am just venting to no one, but I would rather vent her than call and sit on hold for an hour before speaking to someone to vent to.

I am just counting down the days until my contract is up.

I thought Comcast was bad, but they are superior to the garbage service and product that Verizon provide.

Bob P.

Re: Wifi not working again and poor customer service
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For the wireless issue, I point to http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-Internet/Why-your-Wi-Fi-is-slow/td-p/534451

Note what is said there, also applies to why the wireless is not working - not just why if the wireless is up it is slow.