Wireless dsl service in house

I use the wireless connection on my laptop; my sister was (untl last week) able to connect her ipad to the wireless service.  Now she is unable to establish an internet connection while I have no problem.  Do I need a flash or something to connect to her ipad so that she can use the wireless service too?

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That's a difficult one to troubleshoot without additional details.

I assume your laptop is attaching to your home wireless network, the SSID. Can the Ipad see the same network in it's listing?

Can you see any other wireless networks in the area (I ask, because your PC might not  be connecting to what you expect).

Have you tried turning it off (or pulling the power the power connector) of the wireless router, leaving it unplugged for at least 5 minutes, then powered it up. During the time its powered down, do you loose internet (yes, I know it sounds obvious). When it powers up, and left to boot up (it won't be instant, give it a few minutes), can you only connect, or can you both connect.

If it worked last week, were there any changes made to the wireless router (that you know of), do you have the username and password for it? Can you see any settings for the DHCP clients attached to the network.

Is it password protected, and do you know that password (maybe the ipad needs to be told the password again)

Is there anyone else trying to use the connection at the time the ipad cannot connect.

Are you in the same physical location (as opposed to being on different floors).

Can the ipad connect to anyone elses network (make sure you have permission!)

I know these may not totally fix the issue, but might help you get the info you need to get Verizon to help.



Re: Wireless dsl service in house
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Did your sister upgrae her iPad to iOS6 by any chance?