Without internet for third day - waiting 1 week for a technician

I've been without internet now for 2 days. After calling customer service, I got put in touch with someone at a call center abroad, who took me through all the usual steps of unplugging the router, making sure it is plugged directly into the wall, etc. (I refuse to believe that people in the 21st century would call about an internet problem without rebooting their router, so this step seems ridiculous and outdated). 

After my second call to Verizon, I was finally able to schedule a technician... but the next appointment was a week away. When I asked for an earlier appointment, I was told that she had to request an expedite on the order (a process which took a further 10 minutes to try and get approval on... not sure what that entails) and then was told that there was no sooner appointment available to me because the team was at "high capacity". Kind of a circular argument – "sorry, our service is terrible and we can't get to you quickly because our service is terrible and everyone else is complaining too".

Has anyone else encountered this kind of problem, and have any solutions? I would have been happy to pay for an upgrade if it only meant that I could get a sooner appointment! My internet is terrible, but I'd given up on trying to reach someone who knew what they were talking about. I work from home, so internet is crucial for me. 

Alternatively, has anyone here been able to reach a call center based in North America, perhaps with a better direct contact line with the technicians? The hour I spent waiting for my person at the call center to connect with the relevant parties was absurd and very very discouraging. Hoping someone has an idea (anything!) that might help. 

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Re: Without internet for third day - waiting 1 week for a technician

Is this DSL or fiber optics?

if DSL I would not know what to tell you since I used it eons ago.

you can try calling 1-800-VERIZON between 8 am until 5 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) this will get you a call center in Virginia with American tech support.

now if the internet is fiber the same number may help. However if there are other internet providers in your area like cable or satellite or even competing fiber I would see about getting a better service.

Sometimes areas may be affected with an outage and that would explain the long delay in getting a service visit. But if you have to I would check around to see what service others are using. You can just Google your area to get an idea.