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complaint about billing and poor customer service

I called to make payment in february.   i aothorized to pay the amount due,  Agent said it wouldnt accept it wanted next months too.  I said ok.  Verizon out through 3 payments 1 month 1 month and then another payment for total combimed.  My bank fraud department caught it, blocked it told me to contact verizon.  i did.  Agent said yes i see the mistake.  We talked and i was advised to allow fraud department to continue block since verizon cant cancel unauthorized payment once it is submitted and take cash payment in to store.  I did next day.  I then recieved next bill with 90.00 charge for returned payments.  Called and explained payments were not returned and verizon had no fees incurred.  Blocked by fraud department because sent through wrong.  i then paid the internt service for March minus the false fees. I now got a cutoff notice for the fee balance for March 31st.  i sent 8 emails to customer service of which NONE were responded to.  I have been a customer for more than 50 years with no issues and this is how you treat me?  {edited for privacy} will be one less customer you will have if this is not resolved and I will post the unanwered emails and letter from my bank fraud department of the excessive charge made to facebook for all to see and realize how you treat customers if o one wants to help.  Thank you

Re: complaint about billing and poor customer service

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.