[connectivity] Westell 7500 keeps dropping Internet connection
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I hope someone can help me because I am on the verge of dropping my Verizon dry loop DSL service. I have had their service for approximately 1 year, and during that time the DSL connection has dropped multiple times each day, and is sometimes unavailable for large periods of time. Sometimes I am able to bring it back up from my router's home page but frequently, the only way to restore it is by powering the router down and back up again. Sometimes even this only works after several attempts. I have spoken with tech support multiple times. Each time they run some line tests and tell me that everything is OK. I have swapped routers once also without any change. I have also had a VZ technician out to the apartment. He disabled the other non-used jacks in the apartment, and made a direct connection from point A (in the basement) to point B (the jack that I use). He said that was my issue--that the line would search for signal on each of the jacks, and when it was searching, my connection would drop. His "fix" too did not work. Also since he came, it seems that when I am able to connect my connection speeds have dropped from 1MB to 448 Kbps and most recently 32 Kbps. Please help me, I am so frustrated, and it seems that Verizon tech support is out of ideas. I have attached several router logs for your perusal. Please let me know if there are any suggestions you may have to help me solve my issue. Thank you in advance.

Transceiver Statistics

Transceiver Revision A2pB020b3.d20h Vendor ID Code 4D54 Line Mode ADSL_G.dmt Data Path INTERLEAVED   Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 32 160 Margin (dB) 11.4 6.0 Line Attenuation (dB) 63.5 31.5 Transmit Power (dBm) 10.0 10.7

Re: [connectivity] Westell 7500 keeps dropping Internet connection
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That speed is terrible. Do you by any chance have access to the NID in your apartment? It would be nice to obtain statistics from the NID to see if anything improves there. Apartments have the tendency to have trouble with DSL more often than not so it seems. If you don't have voice service, this will make getting the problem fixed a little more troublesome if done through the traditional methods of support, but this shouldn't be too hard to fix. It normally isn't in most cases.