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verizon upload speed slow down to a crawl
Enthusiast - Level 1

My internet speeds have dropped considerably as with my latency.. I cannot upload or use pretty much anything at all. I've had an actual tech come by and nothing being resolved, most likely my internal wiring is fine(dsl jack is a separate line that has no filters) but a problem at the central office. One tech on the phone understands that and send a dispatch to the CO but nothing happens. If I keep calling tech support they make me do all the same tests and come up with same conclusion, however whenever asking for an update nothing gets resolved My upload rate should be atleast 768 and instead my upload synch rate is 192 or 224. My package is the 3.2/768.. These are my stats. If anyone can help me out I will appreciate it. 

Mode/gateway is 327w westell

Transceiver Revision:

Vendor ID Code: 4

Line Mode: G.DMT Mode

Data Path: Interleaved

Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 3328 224

Margin (dB) 7.0 10.0

Line Attenuation (dB) 25.5 17.0

Transmit Power (dBm) 19.0 11.9

I've had this setup for 4-5 years min.. 

Re: verizon upload speed slow down to a crawl
Super User
Super User

Your line is having a noise issue. If you have Voice Service with Verizon, do you hear static or other sounds besides silence when you kill the dial tone? Also, have you tried taking your modem out to your NID to see if it may be something inside of your home causing the noise? If you need information on what a NID is, see this FAQ:

To summarize the FAQ above, the NID is pretty much the location where your home's wiring meets up with the copper drop coming from Verizon. Newer NIDs often times have a test jack in them that allow you to hook a phone or DSL modem into it. Older NIDs may require wiring up a jack to test at, or they can be replaced by Verizon at request.

Re: verizon upload speed slow down to a crawl
Enthusiast - Level 1

I do not really hear any static at all on my phone line, however they did come to repair my voice line 2-3 weeks back some sort of wire problem at the end of my block. I had a tech comeby and check my wires and he said it was ok and left however the situation remains the same. The weird thing was when my voice line died my dsl was working fine so somehow when it got fixed my dsl started having problems. I tired coveying this to the techs on the phone but I am not sure if they are understanding. any other suggestions? My phone box is very old and does not have NIDS but the tech did verify my phone jack and wiring to my box is fine. 

thank you

Re: verizon upload speed slow down to a crawl
Contributor - Level 2

kry01, I have sent you a PM regarding this issue. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. Thanks!

Re: verizon upload speed slow down to a crawl
Enthusiast - Level 1

3 or 4 days ago, my DSL upload speed slowed to a crawl. I also noticed that I was having dificulty sending emails- I would have to resend several times, even the shortest 2 sentence email. I would get a message that my connection to the verizon email server was lost. Web browsing was also extremely slow. I am having a hard time doing my internet banking.

 I called Verizon tech support. We bypassed my router but I still had the same problem. Reset my DSL modem also didn't help. The tech had me run an internet speed test from

 Results: download 1.0 Mbs, as it should be.

upload speed: 0.01 Mbs

The verizon tech was of little  help- she said try it again tomorrow.

I ran the speed test 2 days in a row, with the same results.

I have a Westell Model 2200 DSL modem, which my computer is plugged directly into (I am not using my router).

My theories:

1) My DSL modem needs to be replaced. Tomorrow I am going to my other house where I also have the identical Verizon DSL service. If I have good upload speeds there, then the problem is not with my computer. It has to be my DSL service.

2) Maybe the phone lines in  my block were damaged? There was a severe fire a week ago 2 blocks away where 3 multi-family houses were total losses. But then my download speeds are fine.

Any ideas?