what am I really paying for?

I had a Verizon Fios rep stop by my house the other day in hopes of securing a new contract from me. But what am I paying for? Regarding the internet service that I have been paying high prices every month for years, I am getting very, very low speeds. I have been testing with  many internet speed tests from many different testing sites, I have been doing this for the last few months and recording my speeds.  I have found out of the 75 mbps that I have been paying for, the very highest I have been able to get is 22mbps. This is sitting right on top of the router. That would be a third of what I am paying for. I tested with everyone off the internet, near he router and far. Which by the way should not make THAT much difference since the 2011-12 router I was furnished is supposed to be able to broadcast to the entire house, front and backyard.  The router is placed i the closest room to the garage.... I guess so the wiring did not have to go further. I have asked for an upgrade in routers since we got the router years ago. I was told my router was correct for 75mbps. It has never worked up to par. Consistant only with latency and pixeling. NO channel reception whatsoever sometimes.  The mulltiple channels don't impress me since most play first seasons of programs or remixes stating they are new.  I thought I was ordering the best. Fios has not updated or improved and Im sorry I didn't check this before the last few months. ESSENTIALLY I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR 50mbps MORE THAN I HAVE EVER REC'D. I FEEL THAT FIOS IS AWARE OF THIS SINCE  I MADE THEM AWARE AND I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF. YES STRONG WORDS BUT WHEN A LARGE COMPANY CHARGES FOR A SERVICE AND DOESN'T DELIVER. iTS RIPPING PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME OFF  I am making a copy of this forum statement to send to my neighborhood facebook. Im betting that there are others out there experiencing the same issue. I realize that Fios is AWARE of their preformance. Its part of the business. So you must know that you are a ripoff, or until you get caught. That is just a downright shame. Email me if you would like to address this post. 

Re: what am I really paying for?

Well first you are posting to the wrong place. This “high speed internet” is for DSL.

now not to break your heart, you are trying/are connecting via WiFi which is totally dependent on the device as far as speed. WiFi speeds can be 1/4-1/2 the speeds of a direct ethernet connection from a wired computer to the LAN port on the router. You then test that connection here: https://www.verizon.com/SpeedTest/instantinternet.aspx

No other speed test is accepted. Oh and the numbers you are giving are about what you would see in a WiFi only environment. And farther away is less speeds.

so this occasion you are blaming Verizon Fios unjustly.

and I am as others here we are customers and my gigabyte speeds have been consistent when tested via my laptop, desktops.