wifi not connecting to iphone 4s

My iphone 4s just stopped connecting to to my wireless router. Chat room  say the fix is to update wireless router. Is this a good idea, and how would you do it? Actiontec model M1424 wr

Re: wifi not connecting to iphone 4s
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Let's see what we can do to troubleshoot the phone first, before we go and replace the router. To start off, let's get some info here.

1: When the phone states it is unable to connect, what is the actual error you receive, if any?

2: If you go to Settings, select Wi-Fi, and then click on the Blue Arrow next to your network name, do you see any info such as an IP address, Subnet Mask, and a DNS server filled in?

3: Is the IP address a 169.254.x.x address?

4: Have you tried forgetting your network from your phone, and then re-entering your security key? WEP keys should be typed in all caps, whereas WPA and WPA2 keys are case sensitive.