1 French Channel for $9.99/month??

I bought intio the sales pitch of the Verizon salesguy just to find out that, half of what I was told I would get wasn't either there or the free became paid.

I was paying about $110 with comcast and happy with their services (30mb internet at no additional charge). Salesguy told me with the $79.99 extreme hd package, i would also get movie channel, hbo and he could even get me the french channel for free if i sign up today. Figre that I was getting at least 40 more channels and a french one, i signed up since my contract with comcast ended last April.

He told me:

Installation would be waived, I would get 2 addtional boxes for free for 6 months and the DVR HD box for $6.99 for 6 months instead of $15.99.

It has been 2 months now and for 2 weeks, I didn't get any service and called them 5 times. I work from home sometimes and that was a pain. I even called the sales guy but he never returned my call. My bill instead of being $$89.99 including taxes, was $145 the first month and $135 the second month.

Whatever he told me was bogus. My box freezes, internet goes down for hours and to top it all, I'm charged $9.99 for one french channel. I called customer service to explain the situation, they can only tell me sorry but you got the wrong info; in the meantime, i'm stuck in this contract and there is nothing i can do. What a shame. FIOS guaranteed 20MB down with 5MB up. On a good day I get 6-8MB down and 2-4MB up. For some reason I can't get the tect to come out despite requesting it. I was even told I would get 1 month credit, but when I call the next time, thwey don;'t even see anything in the notes.

What a bunch of Bull. REally disappointing !

Re: 1 French Channel for $9.99/month??
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Unfortunate that this happened to you. The price for the Double Play with Extreme is 89.99, the triple play is 119.99 for extreme. Then if you add on the HBO, and Movies package, that's another 25 bucks. The French channel is 9.99, and you should be getting it for free, you should also see a credit on your bill for 9.99. And your DVR is 6.99 instead of the 15.99?

That being said, if you're paying about 140, then it looks like that's about right.

The package for the Triple Play would be:

Triple Play Extreme HD - 119.99

HBO + Movies - 25.00

2 STD STB - 5.99 ea. Free For 6 Months

1 HD DVR - 15.99 But you have it for 6.99 for 6 Months

141.98 Per month. Plus taxes and fees.

The package for the Double Play would be:

Double Play Extreme HD - 89.99

HBO + Movies - 25.00

2 STD STB - 5.99 ea. Free for 6 Month

1 HD DVR - 15.99 But you have it for 6.99 for 6 Months

121.98 Per month. Plus taxes and fees.

Looks like you're paying pretty much what you should be paying. It also looks like he gave you exactly what he said he was giving you. The double play for 89.99, hbo + movies, 2 boxes free for 6 months, the dvr 6.99 for 6 months, and the free French channel.

Also keep in mind when you are getting a discount from Verizon, it might, and usually does, take up to 2 billing cycles, 2 months, to appear on your bill. So, the first two bills might show up a charge for the french channel of 9.99, and then on the 3rd month, you should see a credit for the channel. You'll still get the discount, but it just takes them a while to put it in writing.

So, you're paying for exactly what you're getting...

Also, if you got the Double Play for 89.99, then you don't have FiOS Internet. The Double Play for 89.99 with Extreme HD is just the phone and FiOS TV. You might have been given the Flex Bundle, which is just the FiOS Internet, and FiOS TV. If you did get the double play bundle, then that explains why your internet is not up to speed, because it's not FiOS Internet.  If that is the case, just call and upgrade to the Triple Play Bundle, and they will re-bundle you, and you won't have to pay any ETF's.

Good luck with your problem.

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Re: 1 French Channel for $9.99/month??

The problem is that, I signed on the promotion for the HD extreme at $79.99 and that was only for the TV and Internet. I don't have a verizon phone.

The Movie channels/HBO, I didn't ask, they were given to me for 6 months free same for the french channel. So I should be paying

$79.99 + $6.99 for the DVR + taxes and fees. So that should come around $90

Re: 1 French Channel for $9.99/month??
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Incorrect. Depending on when you signed up, the Flex Bundle used to be 79.99 for Essentials, and 89.99 for Extreme. It is now 84.99 for Essentials and 94.99 for Extreme. There is no promotion, that I'm aware of, that offers the Flex Bundle for 79.99.

Also, there is no promotion for HBO/Movies free for 6 months. You can get HBO and Cinemax free for 3 months.

It really looks to me that your pricing is correct. The rep most likely got his information incorrect and told you the wrong information. However, it looks like you're paying for the correct items.

- The Flex Bundle with Extreme is 94.99, not 79.99, and I don't know of any promotions offering it for 79.99.

- The only premium channels offered free for any amount of time are: HBO/Cinemax free for 3 months, HBO Free for 1 year (double play only). Movies package is 14.99 by itself, HBO is 15.99 by itself, HBO/Movies is 25.00. So, you'd be paying 9.01 for the HBO/Movies for 3 months. Because you're getting the HBO part free for the 3 months.

- The French channel is normally 9.99, and it's only offered free for 3 months.

- The DVR 6.99 for 6 months is normal. But it's for select areas.

- The 2 STD STB free for 6 months is also normal.

It looks like it's about what you should be paying. Unfortunately, you won't be able to make any changes because of the contract.

I would call and confirm, better yet, go to your local office, and make them show you exactly what you're paying for, and what promotions you have. That would be the final word on what is what.

Re: 1 French Channel for $9.99/month??

I have on paper a price guarantee for 79.99 for the HD extreme. I signed up at teh end of may, never requested any extra movie channel/HBO.

Starz/Cinemax ,is free, I have to cancel by Aug 31st since the promo ends. The set top boxes were as follows as I was told:

DVR - $6.99 for 6 months.

Re: 1 French Channel for $9.99/month??
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I signed up 2 months ago online, and the internet and TV bundle in Southern California, at least, with 20 /5 internet and HD extreme, was definitely being offered then for $79.99 before the additional $5 monthly discount for one year.  I'm staring at the $79.99 rate right now on my bill -- it was NOT $89.99.

That price, of course, has now gone up since they are doing 25/15 for the internet service.

I was never offered any box discounts or foreign channel credits, but I *was* given the movies, hbo and cinemax package for free for 90 days when I signed up.

So my bill is as follows:

20 / 5 Internet and Extreme HD:  $79.99

Movies, cinemax and HBO:  $30.00

CableCard:  $3.99

SD receiver rental:  $5.99 

Movies, cinemax and HBO free for 90 days:  -$30.00 

$5 monthly discount for one year:  -$5.00

Taxes, etc:  About $4.50 each month

TOTAL:  $ 89.47 each month

The movies discount was on my very first bill, btw.... but the $5 credit that I listed above was not on my first or second bills.  I have been told it WILL be on my third bill.

I was also offered a $100 Visa pre-paid card that I will allegedly receive in about 90 days.

To the OP, you may want to contact the Retentions department to see what they can do for you regarding the free movie channels and the free french channel.  Also, make sure you were not charged incorrectly for outlet installations.  I was charged $54.99 for an outlet install that I never had wired and Verizon had to apply credits to my account to take care of that.


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