1 STB not receiving any channels

My QIP-6200 HD STD is getting the following error message on ALL channels:

"This channel is currently unavailable. Change the channel and return to this channel or call 1-866-962-1946 and enter quick code 8801. If this is a local channel, it might not be broadcasting at this time." 

I followed the instructions and called the number on Thursday. My STB was power-cycled multiple times. When this did not work, I finally spoke to a live person and explained that I am getting the above error message, but I can still access widgets, On-Demand, and my recorded programs on my DVR (my other STD is a multiroom DVR). They shipped me a new STB, which I activated tonight and got the same error message again. I also checked all the connections from the wall to the STB and even replaced the coax cable. Still getting the error message.

Anyway, I called customer service and a tech won't be out until Tuesday afternoon. However, I figured I would check here to see if anybody has any other ideas as to what can be causing this? I seems strange that I can't access any live TV channels, but I can still access the Multiroom DVR, widgets, and On-Demand. 

Re: 1 STB not receiving any channels
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Hello Pete,

It definately sounds like it could be a signal issue. The reason why you can access VOD, Widgets,  MRDVR, etc.  is because they all run through the router and internet connection. Thats why if you ever have problems with your router and it gets replaced you still have live tv, just not all the extra's that come with the service (VOD,Widgets, Guide Info, MRDVR, etc)