2 DVRs but can only program one on the web

I have 5 older TVs with 3 regular STBs and 2 DVRs.  Only one DVR can be accessed on the web.  I can see all the boxes online but can only access the hard drive to program one of them.  Not one at a time - I can only access one of the DVR boxes.  Shouldn't I be able to access each DVR, or am I restricted to only one.If I am restricted, how can I fix it so I can control the other DVR instead?

Re: 2 DVRs but can only program one on the web
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Hi Bermo, you should be able to access both dvr's from the web. If one isn't allowing it, try rebooting that stb (unplug/replug), then go back into the site and it should be available for access. If that doesn't help, go into the stb menu to help then self diagnostics. It will show there whether that stb has an ip address or not. If it doesn't you can reseat the coax to that stb then reboot again. Let me know if this helps.