3 am....HD DVR box turns itself on and volume goes to the max

For two nights of the past week, every HD box in the house turns on at 3 am. 

Fortunately for me, my HD DVR box in the living room is hooked to a set of powered speakers that are plugged into the switched outlet on the box, so that means the speakers come on too. 

To make it better, the box goes to max volume during this event, so I have sound blaring through the house at level 11.   Nno going back to bed for me. 

Is this a software push causing a reboot? or something else?

Re: 3 am....HD DVR box turns itself on and volume goes to the max
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Depending on your location we have been rolling out updates for the boxes overnight. If the events have stopped this could be the cause. If the speakers aren't on the switched stb outlet for a particular reason you might move them to a non switched to avoid the problem in the event of future resets/maint/upgrades.

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