3D programing on Verizon

I'm just wondering if Verizon does add 3D programing will my current HD DVR be able to show it or will we have to get new HD DVR's.

I know all the new 3D componets coming out are HDMI 1.4 to be able to handle the 3D programing.

I'm pretty sure the current DVR's are only 1.3's.

Any input from Verizon would be greatly appreacated.


Re: 3D programming on Verizon
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They are using over-under or side-side 3D.  HDMI 1.3 has no trouble carrying those.  To see a sample of it look in VOD under free High Definition, HD 3D.  Currently have a free sample in side by side on Mercedes Benz cars.  It shows as side by side.   If you have a 3D set you can set it to show the image as a 3D image.  Without switching on to 3D or on a non 3dDTV it is just two squished (tall and skinny images) next to each other.  Each image has half the definition as a regular HD image.  Over-under is two long and fat images one above the other.

Blu-ray 3d requires HDMI 1.4 and shows two HD images and so will normally have twice the definition of these 3d broadcast