4100 Box Freezes, Records with Audio Stutter
Enthusiast - Level 3

I'm having a tech come out in a couple of days as my 4100 box freezes constantly, recordes with stuttering in the audio... That is if it records my shows at all as many times it just decides not to at all (and yes I have verified my recording settings are correct even though there are so many insane amounts of options that are totally unnecessary and make it highly confusing and easy to mess up your attempted recordings). It (VMS4100 set-top box) also lags horribly or as I said just totally freezes for literally unimaginable amounts of time our of nowhere. I have gone through every possible troubleshooting menu in the app for both the set-top box and the ONT (AND my router) as well as endless convos with chat support. I almost never had to unplug, plug back in/reboot my Comcast/Xfinity X1 box the way I do with this FiOS set-top box. It's.freaking.maddening.

Hopefully it's something that can be figured out and fixed w/my tech visit. I see these videos on YouTube where people show their set-top boxes which seem to work instantly and with incredible speed...did I get one someone had in their house previously and dropped on the floor a bunch of times or something?

On a positive note I have to give mad kudos to the Verizon Representatives that respond through chat support, they really are great and wonderful people. Thank you so much for all your help even if it seems like I've contacted like a hundred times now only having had FiOS for 3 months...

One last side note here for this website...every time I select something that was a typo to fix it or review in this window the window scrolls all the way up to the top and makes me scroll all the way back to where I was again and or turns on like the "insert" function erasing what you wrote?!???  PLEASE FIX THIS moderators or people that do the code for this website?

PS -  Thanks for listening to my rambling woes everyone! Take care and good luck!