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Don't see why I pay for HD and Sports package but don't get FSC-HD (or MSG, although as sorry as the Knicks are.

Should also have  NYC Channel 41 (WXTV) available in the HD block.

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Hey we have been expanding on our HD channels so am sure we will be getting those HD channels in the near future.

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Agreed MSG HD and  MSG + HD are due any day in my book , along with NYC Channels of FIOS 1 and FIOS 1 HD . I am not much of a Soccer person , so If FSC HD comes on or not, It wont bother me at all. But those 4 channels I am looking at completes my FIOS Services from Verizon along with everything else in place , oh yea and I forgot when Staten Island CTV will add Channels Programming on 33 and 38 and that the Brooklyn PEG Channels be eliminated from Staten Island Lineup, what are they on there anyway to begin with > .

The FCC Updated its Information from the FCC Meeting on Jan 20 , go to for info, maybe its a positive and not negative.

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Verizon is in negotiations with Fox for FSC HD, so hopefully we'll see that soon. MSG HD and MSG+ HD are still being withheld. Even though MSG has been spun off from Cablevision, they still share the same upper management. The FCC has eliminated the loophole that has prevented Verizon from getting these HD channels, but you can bet that MSG will use every legal means possible to keep the HD signals off of Verizon in order to protect Cablevison.