After Promos what Channels will I get?
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A friend of mine and I signed up for FiOS TV on the same day.  Right now we're both getting HBO/Max for 3 months as part of the signup.  However, I'm also getting all of the Showtime, Encore, Starz channels, etc. but he is not.  Is there anyway I can tell if this is only for 3 months, or if this is part of the package I signed up for?  I've been trying to match up the quoted price with the Bundles listed on the Verizon page, but nothing seems to add up properly.

When I logon to change/add programming the box is checked for Movies/HBO/Cinemax because that is currently what I'm getting, so even that doesn't tell me anything.

I'm just trying to figure out if there's anything I'll be missing in the future.

Re: After Promos what Channels will I get?
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They run the Channel Promotions in the hope that you will not call in to cancel the service at the end of the promotion.

If you do nothing then you will continue to receive and be billed for all of the premium channels at $35.  At the end of the promotion you can go online to uncheck the HBO/Cinemax/Movies package that you are currently on and check off the Movies package.

Re: After Promos what Channels will I get?
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Extreme HD
  • Everything offered in Essentials
  • Plus up to 41 additional HD Channels
  • Plus up to 14 Sports Channels
  • Plus up to 16 additional standard definition channels


You can then view your Channel lineup and see what chanells come with Extreme HD as well as where they are located.