All programs not available on On Demand???

Why is it that all of the various programs and shows that are available on HBO, network stations, etc. are NOT also available on On Demand?  Specifically, I noticed the other day that On Demand is not showing the most current season of Entourage but only seasons that are more than 2 years old!!!

When we were Comcast subscribers, if I missed one of my favorite shows, I could always catch it later on On Demand.  Not so with Verizon!  Why is that?

Comcast seems to have much more available on their On Demand channels than Verizon does.  Is this only because Verizon FiOS is so new and haven't really caught up with Comcast, yet?

Re: All programs not available on On Demand???
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The cable provider does not control what is on the On Demand.  My biggest beef is that HBO does not put it's oringials in HD on the on demand.