Anyone Else Notice When You Press the DVR Button...
Contributor - Level 1 it's just like loading a dvd these days?

What's with all the stupid ads and VOD movies on a screen that takes a full 30 seconds before it loads?

I just want to see my list of recordings on the DVR.

Instead I have to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for the first ad to load and then exit and try again and hope there's not some VOD screen prompt so that I have exit again and try the DVR button a third time so I can watch what I recorded.

Hey Verizon!  If you want us to use your VOD and pay you to maintain our library of movies, get MUCH better software that allows us to pause for more than one minute, unpause when we get ready and resume where we left off, rewind, fast forward, bookmark scenes to come back to, and all the other standard features others get to use.

And, of course, give us more than 100 selections to pick from and more than 3 episodes of a show to watch.

Just sayin'...

Re: Anyone Else Notice When You Press the DVR Button...
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Luckily that is not happening yet here in northern VA.
Re: Anyone Else Notice When You Press the DVR Button...
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Couldn't agree more JohnCF. If you want to get rid of these pop up ads, change the following settings:

Menu > Settings > Television > Interactive TV > Disable

Menu > Settings > Television > Recommendations > Turn Off

To tell you the truth, I'm not sure which one of these does it. But since disabling both I haven't been bothered again. If these ads appeared as soon as I pressed the button, I would only find them half as annoying. But they take so long that I've pressed the button two more times before it loads, usually causing the ad to disappear immediately after displaying. So more than half the time I never got to read it anyway. As for the rest of the issues...

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