Available TV Channels for Prime Service

There are a few Channels we no longer get with FIOS Prime that we did receive with Time Warner Cable. We are not interested in upgrading to Extreme Service. . We try certain things following directions, to discover that it dose not work..

We are strongly considering returning to Time Warner Cable. There are several other things that just are not the same.

Also we find it very annoying trying to connect with a live voice at Verizon FIOS.


Re: Available TV Channels for Prime Service

The tv packages are like many providers, so there is not much you can do without subscribing to the right packages.

You can view those packages by going to www.verizon.com/fiostvchannels

For help with the menu system and getting things to work that should, we can help with that.

Also FiOS has a neat little website that helps with getting a customer familiar with the system, its www.verizon.com/usingfios

Also there a member here who has fios since the beginning that put together a little user guide that is quite good, written from an actual users experience.

you can find that here.

FiOS TV: Getting Started With Interactive Media Guide 1.9 

For getting a hold of someone, sometimes it is good to use an auto customer service dialer.  There is a free one at www.gethuman.com 

if you don't like waiting on hold that thing will call them and ring you back when someone answers, or you can try the live chat at the bottom of the page by clicking on verizon's contact us link.

You didn't mention this, but I have seen a good explanation of the bill at www.verizon.com/billingdemo