Best Way to Have Verizon Update Their Database For My Service Address?


I would like to switch to Verizon Fios and Internet and live in Panorama City, CA 91402

The Verizon database has every single home in our subdivision except ours.  It is a relatively new subdivision (less then 5 years) and was prewired for Verizon Service.

I called Verizon Customer Service and they said I'm "basically out of luck".  In their address database they have every sngle unit in our subdivision except mine.  My neighbor next door has FIOS and my neighbor across the street has it as well.  There is a Verizon control box in front of my neighbors house.

Our individual homes are labeled by unit #f rom 101 - 126.  Every home is listed on the website but mine is not.

What can I do?  I know that I should try and ger Verizon Engineering our a sales rep to my house but every single call I have made has been fruitless.  I'm tired of Time Warner Cable and would like to switch and give my money to Verizon.  No one wants to fix the database issue.

Help please!

Verizon Wannabe

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