Can't see other DVRs
Enthusiast - Level 3

I have two DVR's, the latest Moto models.  For the last year I've had no problems seeing or playing recordings from each DVR from the other.

Recently I unplugged the DVRs for a few days while I was out of town.  I came back and plugged everything back in and now neither DVR can see each other.  When I used to go to the menu, select DVR, it would ask me which one I wanted to view.  Now, I just get the list of shows recorded on that DVR.  I've reset both, and have refreshed the device list, but it still doesn't work.  I can see both DVRs from the Verizon iPad app.  And when I run the in-home agent it sees both DVRs (and allows me to reset both).

Any help is appreciated.