Cannot connect to new DVR by phone or internet
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I replaced my original DVR with the new 500GB DVR.  Everything went fine except when I try to connect via my phone or Internet I am still apparently connected to the old DVR and cannot reach the new DVR.  Talked to Support for 80 minutes on Sunday, it was escalated twice, and they promised to fix it but did not. 

Does anyone know whom to call or what to do to get the old DVR disconnected from my account and telephone number?

Re: Cannot connect to new DVR by phone or internet
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I have a similar situation.  That is, I replaced my old DVR with a new 7232.  Both units are still showing up on my account.  I assume (and hope) that once the old unit I returned is entered in to Verizon's system as returned it will be taken off my account.  In the mean time....

I don't access my DVR by phone (didn't even know that you could, unless you're talking about a smartphone app).   But what I found works for me is to go in to my Actiontec router's setup and rename the old and new DVR boxes.  I named the old one DVR-OLD and the new one Living Room DVR.  The names don't matter as long as you recognize them.

Now, when I go to the DVR link on Verizon TV Central, or I use the FiOS Mobile app on my iPad, the default DVR is the old one.  I change it to the new DVR and after that I can manage everything as always.

As I said, I'm hoping that once Verizon knows they have my old box back in their possession I won't have to take the additional steps anymore but in the mean time, I hope you'll be able to get yours to work as I did.