Cannot play a recorded program
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Hi there,

We have been satisfied users of a Verizon QIP7915 for a couple of years, watching recrded shows without issue.

Today we tried to watch an old program (2/15/2010)- the oldest on the DVR and it would not play. The programs recorded list shows that it is 1 hour long and the program information is shown... yet when we try to watch the program, there is a slight pause followed by the current channel reshowing the last part of the current program - maybe half a second or so and the recorded program does not play.

Other recorded programs play fine ... can anyone suggest a way of watching the recorded program?... or do we simply delete the program and  carry on?

thanks in anticipation,

Allan Thompson

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Re: Cannot play a recorded program
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This is a known problem that we think started with the IMG 1.7 software update last December. Here is one of many threads on it:

Basically, though, there is no way your show can be recovered. It is some type of hard drive glitch.