Channel Lineup PDFs
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I just downloaded the channel lineup for my area (central New Jersey). It looks like it's out of date (March 2009) and missing quite a few channels. I took a look at North Jersey's channel lineup PDF and even though it says June 2009 it is still missing channels (mostly HD channels). The national guide has not been updated since 2008.

Are they really updating these guides or just saying they're updated? If they are updating them then why are they leaving channels off of them? 

Re: Channel Lineup PDFs
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I agree. The website where you put your zip code in is correct, but the pdf's are always out of date. Like you said, even when they update the date, they never fix the channels. The Music Choice lineup has been wrong for over 6 months on the pdf's and new channels aren't added. Someone is doing a very bad job of handling that area.