Channels Unavailable
As of last night around 7pm I've been getting the "channel unavailable" error on all channels. I tried resetting the router, stb and ont multiple times already. I called the support number and walked through the automated steps but there has been no change. I have Prime HD with fios internet and the internet has been fine, just the TV has issues.

My internet is provisioned over Ethernet and I did set up a new route on Friday night. The actiontec is still on the network for the guide and vod. I've had this setup for years and its worked fine. Is there any reason that a different router would affect the TV? It worked find up until last night. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Channels Unavailable
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Last week, my TiVo Series 3 HD using Multi-Stream Cable Card suddenly showed the Channels Not Available message on all the channels for 2-3 minutes and there are a few channels that do not show the error but just show a gray screen with not sound and am getting random pixelation on SD and HD channels.

On Monday 02/03/14 we lost all our services (Fios TV, Internet, and Digital Voice). First the TVs having Verizon STBs showed the same error message channels unavailable, but then showed a message 'Press button.. to restart your router'.  The first time it didn't work, but a few minutes later when the message reappeared and the button was pressed, the everything came back on. 

Our router was reset last week because our Internet was slow and we were having a problem connecting to our MultiRoom DVR from our HD STBs. Our Internet again seems very slow with just basic Internet browsing and checking e-mail.