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Could coax F connectors cause no program guide or info

No program info or guide. I have 6 standard def boxes, I have 2 boxes which I cannot get program info or guide. Could it be the F connectors installed cable instaed of the VZ connectors? I have installed cable to another box using F connectors and it works fine.[only at 19db]

When I run set top  diagnostics, I'm getting 19 db RF connection, tech support says I need higher and questioned a bad splitter. I have these run direct from verizons splitter next to ONT.


Re: Could coax F connectors cause no program guide or info
Master - Level 2

The connectors or the cables can certainly be a problem.  At least rg-6 cable is recommended.   RG-59 is likely to cause a proble.  When FIOS installed my TV service, they checked my existing cable (used with satellite before) and decided it was fine, but replaced all the connectors with newer compression connectors.  Bad splitters and barrel connectors are often a problem.