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Cozi Tv Added
Specialist - Level 1

Verizon has added cozi tv for people in the new york/new jersey area at channel 460 where the previous channel nbc ny nonstop is now gone. Cozi tv is similar to me tv where it has movies and old programs from many years ago like lassie, highway to heaven, magnum p. i., the six million dollar man, charlie's angels, the bionic woman, the lone ranger, the adventures of ozzie and harriet and the roy rogers show. It is another subchannel that goes along with me tv channel 19, antenna tv channel channel 465, and this tv channel 490. Now a problem that already exists with that channel that should be of no surprise to anyone since it already exists with a whole bunch of other channels is that while the schedule matches and the logo is there if you refresh your box how the channel is programmed into the guide is wrong. The cozi tv logo is there but what is programmed into the guide is still nbc ny nonstop. So if you are just going through the guide looking for something to watch you will not know that it really is cozi tv unless you tune in to the channel because it was always nbc ny nonstop. Now i say this is no surprise because there are also a whole bunch of channels in that 460-499 package that also have problems too. Channel 479 which is supposed to be america teve was added to the guide months ago with a schedule but no one can access it when they pull up the guide and press ok the message is "unable to tune in to the selected channel please try again." Channel 477 soy latino tv is what is listed on the guide but the feed is actually the feed of another channel called tvc + latino and the schedule that is on the guide is the schedule of a third channel that is neither soy latino tv or tvc + latino. There are still a ton of other issues with a lot of channels where for years now there are still no schedules for channels that were added years ago for channels 1509, 1548, 1781. The schedules are available on the websites of those channels and it would behoove verizon to try to do what they can to get them uploaded to the guide so people can tape some programs off of them. Just to give you one example of proof that the schedules do exist channel 1548 which has nothing on the guide has the schedule on their website where if you go to that website and click on tv then click on guia de tv which means guide you will see the schedule for that channel so the excuse that it does not exist is ridiculous since everyone has it but verizon. Now i now that this is the fault of verizon's inept guide provider fyi television but if a verizon employee can take some of this and contact someone within the company who can take a real good look at this ongoing guide problem issue that includes saturday morning shows appearing on sunday morning on cnn then maybe it can get resolved.