DVR drops recorded series

Every couple of months I will notice a new episode of a series did not get recorded.  When I check the recorded series list will find that it has dropped recording for 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 series I had setup to record, requiring me to setup recording for the missing series again.  It will then record fine for 2-3 months and then randomly drop various series.

Re: DVR drops recorded series
Master - Level 3

The series recording is dependent on the show information. We receive information from the providers and post for each show the information they give us. There is a flag in the show information which designates whether a show is new or not. If the provider has the flag set incorrectly, when we upload their data to our servers it will be incorrect as well. If you have you series set to record new shows only, then it will omit an incorrectly flagged show. To avoid these error you can set those shows to record new and duplicates that way your show is not missed due to incorrect information in the show details.

Re: DVR drops recorded series
Master - Level 2

If you are talking about dropped recordings over the last few days, 3/18-3/19 in particular, its all about a mistake make that screwed up several channel identifications.  Showed up as at least three problems.

  1.  The "C" option on SD channels no longer showed up to switch to the HD version of channels.
  2.  Many channels dropped out of peoples Favorites lists and a few were added.
  3.  Any recordings scheduled on those channels effected by this (if you had a favorite list for them they're the same channels as dropped from the list) were dropped.