DVR fails to record all episodes in a series
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This is similar to:

(which is from a year ago, and has no resolution)

I set up the DVR to record the series "2014 FIFA World Cup" -- i.e., every game from the tornament.  Today I came home and saw that it recorded the 12p and 6pm games, but not the 3pm game!

Something similar happened to me several times with "ESPN FC", the soccer studio show that plays daily on ESPN News or ESPN2.   On several occasions, I checked the listings and saw an upcoming show, say at 1am, without the "recording" check mark.  So I'd click on it to set up a recording manually, and then I'd get the error that "already recording the series"... but there was still no checkmark, and the show wouldn't get recorded!

Not clear to me what it would take to get Verizon to work on this on provide a fix.  Do they even monitor these forums?

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