DVR menu stalls out during certain times of the day

Lately when I am trying to play or record a show from my DVR, I find that the menu stalls out and I am hitting the "OK" button to the point where my wrist hurts.  I have turned the box off for a while, but it doesn't help.  I find this only happens in the early morning or in the middle of the night.  I watch my shows at those times as I am feeding a newborn baby.  Anyone else have this problem?  Thanks. 

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Re: DVR menu stalls out during certain times of the day
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the motorolla boxes are notorious for this... I have seen it with Verizon and Time Warner

Have you tried simply unpluging the power from the box for a minute or so?

If not, try that

If need be, unplug the power to the box, unscrew the COAX from the box to the wall, and check the pin in the middle to make sure it is not bent or broken... Do the same at the wall jack, if applicable... If all is well, plug it all back up, turn it on and test it out

IF it continues, call Technical Support at 1 888 553 1555