Delays in availability of On Demand programs

I want to watch HBO's episode of Treme that aired last night (Sunday), but it's not available On Demand. How can this be? It's supposed to be available for viewing the day after the nfirst airing. Has Verizon not figured out how to do this? When I had RCN I was always able to access On Demand shows the day after they aired -- which is how it should be. 

Pathetic. Of course, I tried to get an answer out of Mr Computer Head (the In Home Agent), but none of his predetermined questions contemplates viewers having a real problem with viewing options -- it's all minor technical stuff, and it's probably your fault.

I just got FIOS about six weeks ago, and so far, it ain't all it's cracked up to be.

If anyone has a real answer to this question, please let me know.

Re: Delays in availability of On Demand programs
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I've had the same kind of problems with On Demand since I switched from Comcast to Fios last year. I never had a problem with Comcast VOD. Comcast promised what they delivered.  FIOS is plagued with all sorts of problems and I've discovered that trying to get them addressed is almost impossible.

Re: Delays in availability of On Demand programs / TREME Season 3

I had the same problem. Could not find Treme Season 3, Episode 1 using the video on demand feature and looking under premier channels / HBO -- however..I used the blue "B" search button and it came up!