Do I Stil Need To Pay For....

My local channels?

Ok, so I have local channels added on the Verizon plan. I've been renting their digital adaptor box to recieve channels. When the installation tech installed it, he said I needed it and I couldn't buy one that would work as well. So we've been renting it for $6 a month. 

I recently discovered that I can actually get my channels WITHOUT that box but just plugging in the coax cable and doing the auto scan on my tv. I found all of the same channels, and in HD. 

My question is, am I getting these stations because I'm connected to the coax cable that is plugged into my Fios box, or would I still get it if I didn't pay for the local service. 

I don't really want to get an antenna...I tried it before and the only channel I got was Charlie Chaplin movies playing with Spanish music overtop. So if I have to pay for the local stations that's fine, just figured I'd ask if anyone else has had this issue.