Does any one else have skipping issues with NHL Center Ice?

I've been trying to watch a quality hockey game for a 18 months on Center Ice.  13 techs to my house, 50(no joke) phone calls, 7 tier 3 tickets.  Finally, after filing a complaint with the FCC, I get a phone call and the guy tells me its the feed from the NHL and happens to everyone.  How can this guy know, but 50 other people I talked to said they never heard of this issue.  My suspision is that they are just telling an answer.  I need proof.  If you have the NHL package, are you having any issues with the picture skipping for a split second about every 10 to 60 seconds?  Not pixilating, but actually freezing and jumping. And if so, can you tell me what state you are in so I can have more ammo/info. Thanks for any input!!