EAS on a STB for FIOS

Hi, I was wondering why I don't receive Emergency Alert System broadcasts anymore. When I switched from Charter Cable to Verizon Fios I stopped receiving them. I would like to know if it's because I've disabled them or an Administrator has to enable it or turn it on for my house. But, whoever is responsible for the EAS Broadcasts, please enable them for my house! 

On May 24, 2011, there was a HUGE tornado outbreak and the sirens were sounding in Denton, yet, I didn't get any warning or broadcast! So, please enable the EAS for my house, thanks! Smiley Happy

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Most people complain about the opposite.  They get too many EAS tests.  Whether an actual EAS warning is issued depends on if the local/state/national authority issuing one.   Some times they don't and rely instead on regular weather alerts that would only appear on local stations.