Encore 1 HD (ch. 850) loses sound while recording
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Several times last week I tried to record programs on Encore 1 HD (channel 850). Five minutes into the program, the sound dropped out. And it did not come back until after the recording stopped, or sometimes after a reboot.

No other channel is similarly affected.

I have two receivers connected to my STB. One uses the HDMI interface and the other uses the three Component jacks and the two RCA-style stereo sound jacks. The sound fails across the board.

The only way I can record the content is not to do anything else with the box. At night is a good time. Otherwise I have to shut off both receivers so there's no confusion. Now once I have something recorded from Encore 1 HD, I can play it back without a problem. I've tested it.

Has Encore implemented some kind of encryption algorithm to limit the serving of their content to more than one simultaneous receiver?

Encore 1 SD, Encore 2, Encore 1 West, and other (SD) Encore channels are not similarly affected. Neither is any other HD channel.

Re: Encore 1 HD (ch. 850) loses sound while recording
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I have noticed this on Encore HD and the 4 Starz HD channels on my non-dvr 7100-P2 box.

Seems to happen with older movies (which is why you see it more on Encore) which have 2.0 audio.

The station ads/promos before the movie are 5.1 audio, and the audio drops out on the STB when the format switches to 2.0.

Happens every time.

The audio doesn't return until you switch away and then back to the channel.  Very irritating.  No idea if it does the same thing on a DVR.

Re: Encore 1 HD (ch. 850) loses sound while recording
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@asparagus: this has been happening about two or three minutes into every program starting at 8:00 p.m., ever since the Stephen King Collection got started. Whenever the DVR tries to record the program while I am watching it or another program, the program begins with sound--and then the sound abruptly drops out. And it does not return on that channel until I do a reboot. Even switching away from that channel does not solve the problem.

The only way I have found to get a reliable recording on that channel is to set the DVR to record it, and then put it on standby--not watch TV on that STB at all.

And when I do that, something very interesting happens. The sound takes a hiccup for a fraction of a second--short, but noticeable. And then the sound comes back. I have been able to get good recordings exactly that way, and play them back.

This happens on the new Motorola QIP 7222 Z. For what it's worth, I"m running it with an approved external hard-disk drive. At first I thought the disk was overloaded, and deleted a bunch of programs on it. When that did not solve the problem, I posted the question here.

Again, this problem does not affect any other channel on the DVR. Nor does it affect any of my non-DVR STBs.

Re: Encore 1 HD (ch. 850) loses sound while recording
Encore does this all the time.
It's so annoying.

I've been watching a movie, and after the end-credits, the audio cuts off.
Sometimes the stuff between films will have audio, and the following will have audio through the opening, but once the actual movie starts, nada.