FIOS TV Cable box breaks Samsung Anynet sync. Need help

OK, here is my setup.

Samsung LN46A630 HDTV
Samsung BD-P1500 Blueray
Samsung HT-X710 Theater System
Verizon FIOS Motorola 7216 High Definition DVR (cable box)

All systems are connected to the TV via HDMI. Fiber optic cable is connected from the Theater system to the TV as well. Anynet is turned on for all devices.

Up until my recent FIOS installation, I was connected with Cablevision the same way and had all Anynet's default functions (one remote manages all Sammy devices, TV shuts off all devices at shut down...).

Now with the FIOS box, I'm unable to see the Theater box (receiver) or use any of the Anynet features. The Samsung systems can't see each other.

If I disconnect the HDMI from the Verizon FIOS cable box from the TV, all the Anynet features come back and is accessible again.

I may go back to Cablevision if no fix is available.

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


Re: FIOS TV Cable box breaks Samsung Anynet sync. Need help

The problem is with the 7216 STB.  The 6416 does not create this conflict, nor do the standard def boxes.