FIOS box causing vertical green line?
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a couple of weeks ago, while watching MNF, my FIOS box spontaneously flickered, shut off, and then turned on again.  the result left a vertical green line in the middle of my tv screen.  the line is visible on all sources (FIOS is connected to TV via HDMI cable).

I have a 37" Vizio HDTV (1080p).

I contacted Vizio, and they could not help me (6 months outside of warranty).

has anyone had any similar issues?  I'm wondering if the box reset caused a surge and fried my tv.


Re: FIOS box causing vertical green line?
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This is something I saw a long time ago, but was corrected with IMG updates.  IIR the "work around" was to go into the internal DVR menu (the hidden one that you access by pressing POWER => SELECT => MENU on the front of the DVR with the TV on).  Then going into the ADDITIONAL HDMI SETTINGS and changing the color space (don't recall which of the 2 choices was the correct choice - trial and error for you at this point).  I doubt it is your TV, but another way to check would be to use component cables (red, blue, green video) and see if the problem still exists.